“Or Shaped Like a Blogg!”

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Thank you Dr. Seuss for The Shape of Me and Other Stuff.  Thank you for The Sneetches and Green Eggs and Ham. If there is a competitor to Richard Scarry you are it.  Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You? is timeless and by timeless I mean your six month old will burn for it (possibly ingest it) your toddler will “read” it and your grade school kid will remember fondly the sounds echoing and revisit it from time to time, overcome by nostalgia.  Mr. Brown we will never forget you.  Nor will we completely leave behind the essence of silly sounds.

But what is it that I have come here to say?  Is this going to be another mommy blog that gets old after the first week of posts?  Is it going to be funny during holiday posts?  Will it be a punching bag for all my failings?  Am I going to give the occasional gluten free recipe and “baby” book review?  Is it going to make you want to throw your electronic device across the room because of all the advertisements cornering your eyes?  Well, we can all hope I become wealthy from the novel I will be publishing any day now and not need to rely on this blog to feed the dragon.

What I know this blog will be for sure: a record of my son growing and developing and navigating the world, my own white knuckled clutch at the helm as I maneuver us through the biggest waves, and how I maintain my identity (writer) though the ship is my son’s heart and the sea his life.

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